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      Leon Jimenes Petit Corona Bee (Honey) Cigar - 1 Single
      Leon Jimenes Petit Corona Bee (Honey) Cigar - 1 Single

      Leon Jimenes Petit Corona Bee (Honey) Cigar - 1 Single

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      Length - 4" 
      Ring Gauge - 38
      Vitola - Tres Petit Corona
      Flavour - Light/Medium
      Packaging - Cellophane 

      Hand Rolled in - Dominican Republic
      Wrapper - Connecticut Shade
      Binder -  Dominican Republic
      Filler -  Dominican Republic 

      Sweet Honey cigar, hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic at the La Auroa plant. Flavoured cigars have grown in popularity in recent years, with more and more consumers opting for something a little sweeter with a satisfying room note.

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        La Auroa, the Dominican Republic's oldest cigar manufacturer, has never been one to take a back seat, as these magnificent cigars demonstrate. These petit coronas are made with the smooth and creamy tobacco that the Dominican Republic is known for. The Connecticut Shade wrapper lends a little bulk to the smoke, but it's the natural flavourings that really set these cigars apart. 

        La Aurora is one of the Dominican Republic's oldest and largest tobacco manufacturers. León Jimenes founded the brand in 1903, when he opened the La Aurora factory in Santo Domingo. At the time, the adjacent Caribbean island of Cuba was at the centre of the tobacco trade, but Jimenes worked hard and are still the most popular cigar brands in the Dominican Republic. It was a difficult journey for this pioneering cigar manufacturer because the island lacked infrastructure at the time, relying on donkeys to transport tobacco and rolled cigars.

        La Aurora has withstood invasions, civil upheaval, and authoritarian government to continue producing a beautiful range of cigars, ranging from traditional vitolas to recreations of their earliest "preferdios" forms, which they have been producing since 1903. 

        Leon Jimenes

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        Leon Jimenes Petit Corona Bee (Honey) Cigar - 1 Single

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        Leon Jimenes Petit Corona Bee (Honey) Cigar - 1 Single

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