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Charatan A British Legacy of Tobacco

Charatan is a well-known brand in the premium cigar industry, noted for its rich heritage, dedication to quality, and extensive line of exquisite tobacco products. Charatan cigars, whose origins date back to the 18th century, have become synonymous with heritage, artistry, and a commitment to providing a quality smoking experience.

Origins and History:

The Charatan saga began in 1863, when Frederick Charatan founded a tobacco shop on London's Mansell Street. There are numerous stories to tell, ranging from the Charatan family's involvement until 1960 to the exclusive, highly popular cigars produced by Dunhill Tobacco of London in the 1990s, which propelled Charatan cigars to the number one Nicaraguan brand in the United Kingdom. The story continues more than 150 years later...

Tor Imports Ltd recently acquired Charatan from Dunhill Tobacco of London with the goal of strengthening the product range and revitalising the brand.

In 2018, they made the first step by transferring Charatan cigar manufacture to Joya De Nicaragua, the country's oldest and most respected factory. This allowed them to keep their unique mix of high-quality tobaccos and assured that they could deliver a premium handcrafted cigar at a reasonable price.

Cigar Industry Expansion:

While Charatan began with pipes, the company soon expanded into the cigar industry. Their shift into cigars was marked by the same commitment to excellence that had made their pipes so renowned. The company recognised the demand for premium cigars and used the same artisan techniques to create a line of cigars that would match the demands of discerning cigar fans.

Stand out Cigars by Charatan:

Charatan has a variety of cigar collections, each catering to a specific palate and smoking experience. Among their renowned cigar lines are:

The Charatan Classic brand is noted for producing mellow to medium-bodied smokes with an emphasis on balance and refinement. These cigars frequently have cedar, nut, and a delicate sweetness to them, making them a good choice for individuals who enjoy a mild yet tasty smoking.

Charatan Red: In terms of body and flavour, the Charatan Red line is a step forward. These cigars have a more robust and diverse flavour profile, with notes of leather, spices, and a deeper sweetness. They are intended to appeal to enthusiasts who prefer a more prominent profile.

Charatan Maduro: Charatan's Maduro line is distinguished by the use of dark and oily wrappers, which are frequently sourced from places such as Connecticut Broadleaf. With undertones of dark chocolate, coffee and spices, this line provides a rich and full-bodied smoking experience. It appeals to people looking for the strength of a Maduro cigar.

Quality and craftsmanship:

Charatan cigars are distinguished by their everlasting dedication to workmanship and quality. Each cigar is skillfully crafted to provide a smooth draw and an even burn. Tobacco leaf selection is a rigorous procedure in which only the finest leaves are chosen and matured to perfection. This commitment to excellence is a Charatan trademark, and it is evident in the consistency and quality of their cigars.

A Timeless Custom:

Charatan's heritage in the cigar and pipe business exemplifies the continuing appeal of traditional craftsmanship and quality. The brand's dedication to providing a distinctive and enjoyable smoking experience has won it a devoted following of fans who value the art and history of quality tobacco products.

To summarise

Charatan cigars provide an introduction to the realm of traditional tobacco enjoyment. Charatan is a respected name in the world of premium cigars, with a history steeped in tradition, a dedication to workmanship, and a selection of cigars that cater to varied preferences. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a newbie to the world of cigars, a Charatan cigar allows you to savour the brand's ancient traditions while also indulging in a refined smoking experience.