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Zino Cigars: A Legacy of Luxury and Refinement

Zino is a well-known premium cigar brand, identified with exclusivity, elegance, and a commitment to quality. Zino cigars have a reputation for refinement and flavour, with a history entrenched in tobacco manufacturing traditions.

History and Origins:

Few names in the cigar industry generate more admiration than Davidoff, which has been around for nearly 100 years. The company was founded in 1911 by a Russian-born Jew named Zino Davidoff, although it did not enter the cigar industry until 1924. His base of operations, Geneva, Switzerland, was a cigar smoking hotspot, and Zino's lofty goals were met with a smart business eye.

After WWII, when the uncertainty had subsided, Zino saw the opportunity to secure a licence and begin making his own line of cigars. The cigars would be carefully marketed as premium hand-rolled cigars of excellent quality, with each brand named after a prominent French wine estate. In 1946, the "Chateau Latour" was the first of "The Chateau" collection to be released.

A Commitment to Quality:

Zino cigars are distinguished by the use of premium tobacco and meticulous manufacturing procedures. Zino Davidoff was a firm believer in acquiring only the best tobacco leaves from throughout the world to ensure that each cigar gave a memorable and delightful smoking experience.

Cigar Collections:

Zino offers a wide range of cigar collections to satisfy a wide range of interests and preferences. The following are some of the most memorable lines:

The Zino Platinum collection is typically associated with wealth and elegance. These cigars offer a balanced and refined smoking experience with a focus on elegance. They frequently have cedar, nut, and hints of spice.

The Zino Classic collection stands out for its timeless charm. These cigars offer a mild to medium-bodied flavour, making them a wonderful choice for those who like a softer, yet pleasant smoking experience.

Zino Nicaragua: With the Zino Nicaragua line, Zino ventured into the Nicaraguan tobacco market. The flavour profile of these cigars is stronger, with notes of coffee, chocolate, and spices.

Sceptre Zino Platinum: The Sceptre brand is known for its superb tastes and appealing design. Cream, almonds, and a tinge of sweetness are common flavours in these cigars.

Elegant and refined:

Zino cigars are renowned for their finesse and elegance. The cigars are meticulously constructed, resulting in a smooth draw and an even burn. Tobacco leaves are picked and combined with the purpose of creating a harmonious flavour profile that provides a refined smoking experience overall.

Status and wealth:

Zino cigars are often associated with riches and status. The brand's cigars are frequently enjoyed on special occasions and by those who appreciate the finer things in life. The characteristic gold and black bands of Zino cigars show the brand's devotion to elegance and refinement.

A Legacy of Refinement:

Zino's reputation in the cigar market exemplifies the timeless allure of luxury and sophistication. The brand's commitment to creating a memorable and refined smoking experience has earned it a strong fan base among those who appreciate the art and elegance of premium cigars.


Zino cigars transport you to the worlds of elegance, refinement, and the finer aspects of tobacco pleasure. Zino is a well-known name in the premium cigar industry, with a background steeped in tradition, a dedication to craftsmanship, and a portfolio of cigars that exude delicacy. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to bask in life's pleasures, a Zino cigar ensures an opportunity to savour the brand's characteristic elegance and flavour.