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Olivia : Premium Handmade Cigars from the Oliva Family

Oliva is a household name in the premium cigar industry, lauded for its longstanding tradition of excellence and the skill of three generations of cigar makers in the Oliva family. Oliva cigars have been around since the late 19th century, but their reputation for quality, tradition, and dedication to creating a variety of premium cigars with unique flavour profiles predates even that.

A Look Back in Time:

In the late 19th century, Melanio Oliva established a tobacco farm in the Cuban province of Pinar del Ro. For many years, the Oliva family has worked in the cigar and tobacco industries. Gilberto Oliva Sr., Melanio's great-grandson, established the company as we know it today in 1995.

A Dedication to Excellence:

Oliva cigars are distinguished by their continuous devotion to quality and their use of only the finest tobacco leaves. Cigars from this brand are always of high quality because they are blended and made by hand by skilled professionals.

From the Range 

When it comes to cigars, Oliva has you covered with several distinct brands. Among the most quoted passages are:

The Oliva Serie V is a series of cigars known for their high quality tobacco from Nicaragua, which gives them a robust flavour profile that can include hints of coffee, chocolate, and spices.

The Oliva Serie G is a collection of cigars with a variety of wrappers and a profile that ranges from medium to full body, with flavours like cedar, nuts, and earth.

Oliva's Connecticut Reserve line features lighter cigars wrapped in Connecticut tobacco leaves, which are noted for their creamy, nutty, and subtly spiced flavours.

The Oliva Master Blends range features rare, hand-rolled cigars with exceptional flavour profiles.

Tradition and skill in the family trade:

The Oliva family has made a name for itself in the cigar industry thanks to their skillful craftsmanship and dedication to keeping the art of tobacco farming and cigar making alive. Cigars from this brand are favoured by connoisseurs because they embody the company's commitment to producing premium products with a wide range of flavours.

Leaving a Mark of Success:

The success of Oliva Cigars over the years is a reflection of the power of family history and high standards. There is a devoted fanbase of people who appreciate the brand's heritage and the workmanship of its cigars because of the company's dedication to delivering great cigars with an emphasis on distinct flavour profiles.


Oliva cigars take you on a voyage into the world of hand-rolled quality and a variety of flavours. Oliva is still a household name in the tobacco industry because of the brand's rich heritage, commitment to quality, and vast selection of cigars. Oliva cigars offer a chance to savour the family legacy and workmanship that have made them a trusted choice for cigar connoisseurs, whether you are a seasoned aficionado or someone seeking cigars with distinct character.