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A Century of Swiss Quality and Handcraft in Villiger Cigars

Villiger is a well-known name in the tobacco market, noted for its rich history, Swiss artistry, and a reputation for producing excellent cigars. Villiger cigars have been associated with quality, tradition, and a dedication to producing a diverse choice of well-crafted cigars since the nineteenth century.

Historical Background:

The Villiger story began in 1888, when Jean Villiger founded the company in Pfeffikon, Switzerland. Initially producing pipe tobacco, the company quickly expanded its offerings to include cigars. Villiger has built a reputation for Swiss precision and quality over the years.

A Quality Commitment:

The attention to quality and use of premium tobacco leaves characterises Villiger cigars. To manufacture cigars with a varied spectrum of flavours and profiles, the brand sources tobacco from throughout the world and uses skilled blenders.

Cigar collections:

Villiger has a number of cigar lines, each geared to specific tastes and preferences. Among the most popular lines are:

Villiger La Flor de Ynclan: The La Flor de Ynclan line is noted for its medium to full-bodied profile, which typically includes notes of wood, spices, and a hint of sweetness.

Villiger Export: The Export line offers a more conventional and milder smoking experience, with aromas of nuts, cream and subtle spices.

Villiger 1888: The 1888 line contains cigars that are rich and full-bodied, with notes of dark chocolate, coffee and spices.

Villiger Cuellar: The Cuellar brand provides medium-bodied cigars with cedar, nut and pepper notes.

Swiss Precision & Craftsmanship

The Swiss craftsmanship and perfection of Villiger cigars are legendary. The brand's cigars represent the Swiss commitment to precision and quality, making them an appealing choice for cigar connoisseurs who respect a thorough approach to cigar manufacturing.

A Swiss Excellence Legacy:

Villiger's legacy in the cigar industry reflects the enduring appeal of Swiss excellence and quality. The brand's drive to delivering excellent cigars with a precision focus has earned it a devoted following of enthusiasts who value the brand's heritage and the artistry of Swiss cigars.


Villiger cigars transport you to the world of Swiss creativity and excellence. Villiger is a respected and well-regarded name in the cigar market, with a tradition steeped in precision, a love for crafting outstanding cigars, and a selection of offers that cater to a wide range of preferences. Villiger cigars allow you to enjoy the Swiss heritage and excellence that have made them a trusted alternative for cigar connoisseurs, whether you are a seasoned aficionado or someone looking for the quality and craftsmanship of Swiss cigars.