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Drew Estate : Drew Estate Cigars: Innovation, Craftsmanship, and Flavour Revolution

Drew Estate is a well-known and inventive name in the premium cigar industry, known for its unique approach to blending and creating cigars, a dedication to quality, and a reputation of pushing the boundaries of traditional cigar-making. Drew Estate, which has roots reaching back to the 1990s, has changed the tobacco market by producing a vast selection of cigars that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Origins & Heritage:

The cigar odyssey of owners Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel began with a goal that necessitated scraping together all of the awards and cash required to launch a tiny cigar business.

Jonathan Drew travelled to Nicaragua in the summer of 1998 with a tiny pocket of cash and the hope of accomplishing what they set out to do—starting a revival in the cigar market. They began selling their cigars on the market in 1999, with a large, bold plan to establish their own factory and create their own cigars.

Their first cigar, the ACID, debuted to great acclaim, quickly sold out, and their business took off.

A popular Format

Following the popularity and formal debut of the ACID cigars, there was a string of subsequent successful cigar launches, a large company relocation to Miami, and the establishment of a 96,000 square foot gourmet cigar factory in Nicaragua. La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, which opened in July 2007, is the name of the factory. It is Nicaragua's largest cigar plant and one of the world's largest premium cigar producers.

Drew Estate is still going strong today, with a new line extension and a popular, in-demand cigar line. And there will be more from this cigar producer in the future. Jonathan and Marvin say, "We're just getting started."A Quality Promise:

Drew Estate is distinguished by its persistent dedication to quality and innovation. The brand is noted for using premium tobacco from diverse places and experimenting with non-traditional ageing and fermentation procedures. This dedication to excellence is reflected in the unique and diverse flavour characteristics of their cigars.

Stand out lines from Drew Estates

Drew Estate has a varied array of cigar lines, each catering to distinct tastes and preferences. Some of the most popular lines are:

The Drew Estate Acid range is likely the most well-known. The Acid brand, known for its fragrant and infused cigars, offers a variety of flavours that include notes of herbs, botanicals, and spices.

Undercrown: The Undercrown line offers a deep and powerful smoking experience, with overtones of dark chocolate, coffee and spices. It is a favourite among enthusiasts who love a full-bodied profile.

Tabak Especial The Tabak Especial is a flavoured cigar known for its coffee flavour, with sweetness but still a traditinal Cigar in reagrds to its earthy taste

Liga Privada: The Liga Privada line is known for its exclusivity and sophistication. These cigars are often full-bodied and rich, with notes of leather, spices, and dark fruits.

Nica Rustica: The Nica Rustica line is distinguished by its rustic and direct approach, with notes of dirt, pepper and roasted coffee.

Creativity & Innovation:

Drew Estate is known for its inventive and creative approach to cigar production. This is evident in the Acid series, which features unusual flavour infusions. Drew Estate cigars have a devoted following of enthusiasts who appreciate the brand's drive to pushing the frontiers of flavour and mixing.

A Creative Legacy:

Drew Estate's reputation in the cigar industry demonstrates the continuing appeal of innovation and flavour variety. The brand's dedication to provide a memorable and creative smoking experience has cemented its place as an industry innovator.


Drew Estate cigars take you on a voyage through the realm of invention, creativity, and different flavours. Drew Estate is a respected and pioneering name in the world of premium cigars, with a heritage steeped in pushing the standards of cigar-making, a commitment to quality, and a range of cigars that cater to a wide spectrum of preferences. Whether you're looking for the aromatic and infused sensation of Acid or the rich richness of Liga Privada, a Drew Estate cigar delivers a distinct and memorable smoking experience.