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Cigars De Olifant: A Taste of Dutch Tradition

De Olifant is a well-known name in the premium cigar industry, revered for its rich history, distinct flavour, and a legacy that symbolises Dutch artistry and tradition. De Olifant cigars, which date back to the 19th century, have become a mark of quality and a reflection of the Netherlands' contribution to the world of cigar-making.

Historical Background:

Since 1832, De Olifant has been manufacturing cigars in its Mapen Factory in Holland. They are machine-made cigars manufactured from high-quality tobaccos. De Olifant spends a lot of time and effort sourcing tobacco from Brazil, Cuba, and Indonesia for his signature mix. These cigars are truly one-of-a-kind, with each series featuring a distinct blend.

Tradition is Important:

De Olifant cigars are distinguished by their dedication to tradition and the use of high-quality tobacco. The company is well-known for manufacturing dry-cured cigars, which are made by air-curing the tobacco before rolling. This method imparts a particular flavour and texture to De Olifant cigars, distinguishing them from moist-cured cigars more typically seen in other regions.

Stand out Cigars

De Olifant offers a variety of cigars, each with its own flavour profile and character. Among the most notable are:

De Olifant traditional: The Classic line is a flagship offering, recognised for its mellow to medium-bodied profile and a traditional blend of flavours, which frequently include earth, cedar, and nut notes. These cigars offer a well-balanced, pleasant smoking experience.

De Olifant Meharis: The Meharis line is known for its petite cigarillos and diverse flavour selection. With flavours like Java, Red Orient, and others, it provides a quick and convenient smoking experience.

De Olifant Lusitania: The Lusitania line has a gentler profile and is popular among smokers who like a calm and refined smoking experience.

Quality and craftsmanship:

De Olifant cigars are expertly constructed with quality and consistency in mind. The air-curing procedure employed in their manufacturing improves flavour preservation, giving each cigar a distinct flavour. The quality and excellence of each cigar reflects this dedication to workmanship and heritage.

Dutch Custom:

De Olifant cigars exemplify Dutch culture and tradition. The brand's cigars are frequently enjoyed gently, representing the Dutch habit of savouring life's joys. The cigars are also noted for their dry texture and distinct flavour, which attest to the brand's dedication to tradition.

A Dutch Craftsmanship Legacy:

De Olifant's legacy in the cigar industry demonstrates the enduring appeal of Dutch artistry and excellence. The cigars of the brand offer a flavour of Dutch tradition and are still appreciated by lovers who appreciate the distinct character of these dry-cured cigars.


De Olifant cigars take you on a voyage through the realm of Dutch tradition and artistry. De Olifant is a respected name in the world of premium cigars, with a heritage built in preserving tradition, a commitment to quality, and a range of cigars that give a distinct taste. Whether you're looking to sample the brand's historical offerings or prefer the convenience of Meharis cigarillos, a De Olifant cigar offers the chance to savour the flavours and traditions that have made it an iconic Dutch brand.