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Cigars by Cusano: Continuing a Family Tradition of Excellence

Cusano is a well-known brand in the premium cigar industry, lauded for its long history, skilled workmanship, and consistent delivery of award-winning cigars that have fans across the globe. Cusano cigars have a long history extending back to the 1990s, and throughout that time they've established a reputation for quality, affordability, and variety in their offerings.

A Look Back in Time:

Michael Chiusano, a native New Yorker and institutional money manager, and Bill Finley, his partner and corporate director, launched Cusano Cigars in 1995. After a business trip to the Dominican Republic, Michael, a major aficionado of Cuban cigars, found himself in the cigar industry by mistake. Cusano's Celebrity Series, an economical high flavour smoke wrapped in bundles, accounted for a large portion of their sales in 2000. These bundles were labelled M1 (mild Connecticut), CC (full Cuban style), P1 (medium maduro), and MC (medium Connecticut) by Cusano.

Although these are still very popular, Cusano's major break would come with a new tobacco leaf: Corojo. Corojo was the tobacco initially used as the wrapper in all Cuban cigars, but it was discontinued due to its extreme vulnerability to disease. Michael Cusano bought a 1996 vintage Corojo crop harvested in Ecuador that was originally destined for Cuba. This wrapper was used in his initial Cusano Corojo 1996 Vintage cigars.

Tobacco Aging:

diverse lines of cigars from Cusano are aimed at satisfying diverse palates. Among the most quoted passages are

“The filler tobacco in Cusano 18 cigars is aged for 18 years in the Dominican Republic, earning the brand widespread acclaim. Wood, nuttiness, and a touch of sweetness characterise many of these cigars.”

Cigars in the Cusano 59 line have tobacco that has been matured between five and nine years. These cigars have a flavour profile that ranges from medium to full, with hints of earth, coffee, and spices.

"The Cusano M1 is a contemporary spin on classic cigars, with a medium body and flavours of wood, cocoa, and delicate spices".

Diversity and Ease of Use:

Cigars made by Cusano are well-known for being accommodating to a wide range of smokers. The brand's cigars are popular among both new and seasoned smokers because of their affordability and variety of tastes.

The Artisanal Tradition Continues:

The ongoing popularity of Cusano cigars is a tribute to their superior craftsmanship and quality. Cigar enthusiasts love the wide variety of offerings and the company's dedication to their satisfaction, therefore the brand has gained a loyal fan base.

In summary

Cusano cigars provide a gateway to a rich and varied experience. Cusano is still a go-to brand for cigar enthusiasts because of the company's rich history of delivering affordable options, its commitment to quality, and its vast selection of cigars that appeal to smokers with varying tastes. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, Cusano cigars give you a taste of the quality and variety that have made them a go-to brand for cigar enthusiasts around.