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Cigars in the UK

What are the most popular Cigars in the UK?

As far back as 1814 when Spanish officers gifted their British peers Cigars made from Cuban Tobacco, In other forms Tobacco can be dated back in Britian as far as 1500’s with explorers of the new world such as Sir Jonathan Hawkins and Sir Walter Releigh, this shows the habit has been long entrenched in British Society. While existing since that time Cigar smoking was mainly confined to the upper echelons of society, as time went on they became a lot more mainstream and in the 1800s were more commonly smoked than cigarettes. Leading Cigar brands in the UK The top 3 most popular cigar brands recorded in 2021 by consumption are as follows, Hamlet 241310, King Edwards 150080, and in third place Café Crème 138.89, These cigars are machine rolled and inexpensive which explains why they are the most commonly smoked, amongst cigar aficionado you will more commonly find brands such as Montecristo, Davidoff, Hoyo De monterry Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta and Oliva.

Why Cigars are so expensive in the UK?

The UK is amongst one of the most expensive places to buy cigars, being beaten out by New Zealend, Canada and Hong kong, there are a few reasons as to why this is the case, first and foremostly the cost to import into the UK and VAT applied upon entering the country increases the price by around 40% as soon as it lands, more VAT and tax is then passed onto the wholesale price then charged again when the cigar lands in your hands, this taxation also applies to all tobacco products hence our incredibly high prices on rolling tobacco and Cigarettes, Secondly supply issues Cuban cigars in particular suffer of late from limited supply, which means the cigars that are available are highly coveted and go to the highest bidder, this means prices have skyrocketed and for a good Cuban you are looking at almost double the price on average to their new world counterparts, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican republic have their own unique tobacco blends and some of the finest farming and rolling technique that rival the Cuban farms, meaning the price difference is not equate to much of a quality difference

How much are cigars in the UK?

A single Cigar in the UK can cost anywhere from £5 for a machine rolled purito, all the way up to thousands of Pounds for limited edition Cigars, On average the prices vary and depend on the Vitola(size) and various other factors, the most popular size of Cigar the Robusto usually come between £10-£40, this will get you a fine quality premium cigar even from Cuban brands which explained above generally cost more.

Can you buy single Cigars UK?

Yes, often people who shop in brick and mortar stores buy single cigars so they can sample a range and variety of cigars, with some many different flavours to be discovered and so many new cigars being released year on year the potential to expand your pallet has never been greater.

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